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Tangle Lakes, Alaska

Welcome To An Endangered Landscape!

Platinum Mining | Landmark Gap | Please Contact Alaska's Legislators

The Tangle Lakes are the heart of the scenic beauty of Alaska's interior and will soon be the home of platinum strip mining operations. Currently, the U.S. Department of Interior manages several hundred thousand acres of wildlands, which include the Delta and Gulkana wild and scenic rivers as well as tens of thousands of acres covered by sites created by some of the earliest natives of our country. The Nelchina caribou herd, wolves, grizzlies and a variety of other wildlife call this area home. These will soon be evicted by the State of Alaska's voracious appetite for mining money.

The next few years will pass responsibility for the Amphitheater Mountains and several hundred thousand acres in thier vicinity to the State of Alaska. Their first act will be the opening of the area to mining for a company from Seattle, Washington, called MAN Resources Inc., who will strip the area of its natural resources and leave this elegant country side as an open festering wound. The State of Alaska will also remove restrictions placed by the Feds on off road vehicle users of the area, creating an orgy of trucks and ATVs which will erase several thousand years of archaeology and eliminate the breeding areas of a number of resident animals.

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